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SLI-DR, A8N-SLI Premium, 3400 DTR & 3200 DTR


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A8N-SLI Premium: Bought few days ago to test, VERY stable board. Package missing; CD, Manual, 1 SATA Cable, 2 IDE Cables, SLI Bridge.

SOLD 110$ shipped


DFI SLI-DR: Few months old, comes with everything.

SOLD 130$ shipped


3400 DTR:This one is special, part of the core was ripped off long ago but CPU never suffered from it. Used it in my laptop for months without problem.

3200 DTR:This is the cpu I pulled from the laptop so the faster 3400+ could sit in. It has sat just as long.

SOLD 135$ shipped for both


Can take pictures for those interested.


Verified paypal: [email protected]

Non-CC Paypal or MO only!

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