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Quick question on new build

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I just built what is in my sig - and so far all I can say is WOW, very nice!!


Seems to be working at stock clock/voltages and I've loaded XP SP2 + updates + drivers and done a 3 x 250gb RAID0 (yes, I know how bad an idea it is - one drive dies, I'm toast - it's for fun atm.)


I am having a weird problem and I do not think it's actually related to the board/memory/build but figure I'd ask if anyone has seen this. Everything works great except Internet Explorer locks on some web pages - specifically both here and HardForum, when trying to post I get a repeatable lockup of the IE window. Other IE windows not affected, can kill the locked one, do other stuff in IE, go other places, run Prime95 for a few min, etc - come back and try to post either place, only that IE window locks again. It doesn't lock immediately upon trying to post, rather I'm typing in the message area and in every case (about 8 times between the two sites so far) it would lock. The window was minimizable/killable.


The fact that the lock is so repeatable to me indicates not a "real" problem but something goofy. I have no doubt I'll track it down, real problem or not, but just wondering if anyone has seen something like this? I googled for IE locks/hangs but of course I get all manner of crap that way.


Again, all stock timings/voltages/2.2ghz right now - I'm not pushing anything. I'm going to run MemTest86 and Prime95 in this config and make sure it's stable - and try and figure out what IE's problem is - before I push anything beyond stock.



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Well lets see if this works. If so, I've answered my own question I guess - I removed the NVidia Firewall/Network monitor thingy and haven't noticed any oddness since.


I've been working out what the max clock for the CPU is following the wonderful OC guide over in the other area here :)


Did I mention...WOW? And I haven't even played WOW on this box yet - but I will! :)


Very happy - if this is posted, my oddball lockup on the posting page issue is gone!


PS - 1/2 way through OCCT test @ 2717mhz @ 1.55v too :D following the guide to the letter. Only thing I'm at all worried about is if the Hitachi drives are going to cook themselves in the bottom compartment of the case - but on the bright side, that's all they'll cook. They are not contributing much to the MB/GPU/CPU heat situation.

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