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Whichk BIOS for TCCD / A64 3200+ Venice E6?

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I'm very new to my new DFI Board (I will get it soon, as my first board was defective).


I've got two questions:


1. What BIOS is recommended for 3200+ Venice E6 with G.Skill F1-3200DSU2-1GBLC (TCCD)


2. What timings should I use at 200Mhz (stable and fast, which will work in any case with my memory modules)



Thanks for answers!

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You are probably best served putting the latest official BIOS on the board(6/23-3).


For RAM timings, Hynix chips tend to give people problems with DFI boards.

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sorry - I didn't change my signature yet.


I now have G.Skill F1-3200DSU2-1GBLC (2x 512 Samsung TCCD)



for these memory modules, is there a different BIOS Version recommended? Which timings should I use at 200Mhz?


Thanks for any help!

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I finally achieved the following stable settings:


BIOS: 623-3


RAM: 275Mhz

LDT Ratio: 3.0

CPU Ratio: 9.0


RAM Timings:


Vddr: 2.7v

Tcl: 2.5

Trcd: 3

Tras: 6

Trp: 3

Trc: 9

Trfc: 12

Trrd: 2

Twr: 2

Twrt: 2

Trwt: 2

Tref: 4708

Twcl: 1


Bank int.: Enable

Skew control: 255 Increase

Drive strength: 7

Data strength: 2

Max. Async: 7ns

Read Preamble: 5ns

Idle Cycle: AUTO

Dyn. Counter: Enable

R/W Bypass: 16x

Bypass Max: 7x

32Bit Gran.: Disable


But in Sisoft Sandra, I cannot achieve the Memory Bandwith which was achieved by kakaroto (link: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=57317)

I get something about 6900 in both cases, not 7200...


Is that because I've got a SLI-DR and not an ULTRA-D? Or because of the BIOS?

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You can try some more tweaking. This is a slow process, very time consuming.

Change only one item at a time. Load system and test , then make more adjustments to same until you are stable, then move to next item to tweak. I can see several that can effect bandwidth and stability. These are Skew Control,Max Async, Bypass Max,Drive Strength, R/w Bypass, twrt, trc & trfc.


Of course 6900 is pretty darn good. If you find it acceptable.

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