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How high can you clock your 7800GT/GTX?

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just curious....I installed the big DangerDen waterblock for 7800's and now have ventured into clocking the crap out of it...


I could easily do 490/1320 on air with the stock cooler...but I am wondering if I am alone in not being able to get my gpu core up past 499...


I am using coolbits...and it doesn't pass the test at 500...yet runs 499 pretty solid (played a good 40 minutes of Quake4 @ 499/1400)


memory on the other hand....clocks like crazy now lol...I'm up to 1400Mhz and it doesn't tear a single poly ;)




I'd like to hear from others, especially 7800GTX users on how high they have been able to clock theirs.


Mine is an XFX 7800GTX that is 450/1250 right out of the box


machine specs:

X2 4400+ @ 2700Mhz

XFX 7800GTX @ 499/1400

4x1024MB OCZ PC4000EL Gold

Audigy2 ZS

3x Hitachi 80GB SATA II (RAID-0)

OCZ Powerstream 600w


everything and anything is watercooled lol



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i assume you won't mind losing all your data right?


i guess that's just a test rig, but still raid-0 is dangerous.

Back on subject please! I think he knows what he is doing. Just back it up on another computer if you got anything inportant. Read the HD stickie.


My 7800GTX went south so cant report :(

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now that I have basically stuck my foot up clipse's yam-hole, we can get back on topic while he fumbles around trying to think of a good comeback.



Here's what I go so far:














main purpose of this thread is to see how other's are getting along with their 7800 overclocks...500-ish seems to be really pushing it...olivery's 520 is above normal...I got to get ahold of CPU KILLER to find out how high he got his (same block, but with a 3x120mm radiator lol)

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Never expect or assume that yours will clock as high as someone elses. Many variables play a role in how high your card will go. ;)

man, so i can expect my 7800gt to oc pretty well then

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