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V core cpu -prime stable problem

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i have here for testing NF2 InfinityUltra, but its a strange mobo.

Fsb look good [email protected] prime ok. But v core for my XPM 2600 ist ..

Before my Shuttle AN 35 ultra runs stable at [email protected] - 2400mhz

At Infinity is the same but prime fail after 2-5 min. I dont know what is bad.

Maybe capacitors or bios or what?

Shuttle [email protected]

Infinity [email protected]


Helfire eg rev 3 bios.


Can somebody idea what change, some settings or ?

Change mobo from Lanparty Ultra B ist possible, but is good idea?



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EX you need to make a sig as in the forum rules here


Lots of things could make your prime fail, usualy the cpu or ram settings? YOu have to test to see what works for you, what is stable on one rig does not always apply to the next mobo ie especially the DFI "SIstas".

YOur looking to deep for an explanation of prime fail, (capacitors i doubt) it will be something simple like not enough volts, incorrect ACF for your ram, psu to weak or not enough clean power to rails, along those lines i guess.....

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The best bios ???




TicTac 3d fire R2


Hellfire N24ID619-3EG-REV2...for...bh5





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