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A Few Modding Q's

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Okay, first of all I'm planning on putting a window in. 1/8" lexan, and I don't have any case screws (well them nice ones for putting in fans to your case) and I was wondering - I think it may be sweet if I used rivets. My dad has these REALLY tiny ones, like the ones they use to hold the top of your case down :angry:. And they are silver and it'd be on my black case. I think that'd be sweet, your opinion?


Also what is the best way to stealth a drive?


And finaly, can I take a molex connector from the PSU and say it only has 2 male ends on it, and I want 3 to power my HD's, can I put 1 more on it?


Forgot 1 more ... what's the best way to hide wires?

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