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Can install Windows XP Pro 32 or 64bit using Bios 8/24

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I have using 8/15 bios for some time, and apart from the 216 FSB, 5xHT and the 4GB memory problemsit has been fine.


I have a fully working and installed system (Windows XP Pro SP2), I upgrade the bios to 8/24. Everthing worked well.


I then purchased Windows Pro 64 and decided to do an install. I created the RAID drivers floppy disk, and started to install. The install process managed to get thought to the saving files and the system rebooted. No message, just a reboot.


Oh well, maybe its part of the install procedure. Nope. Windows XP Pro 64 starts to load and then BSOD and reboots. I tried this with several different version of the Nvidia RAID drivers, but still the same.


So, I tried to re-install XP Pro Sp2, exactly te same problems. Saving files page, reboot. BSOD on reboot.


Downgrade the bios to 8/15, everything works and Installs OK


Any ideas?


I am not overclocking anything.

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You may want to try putting youre memory on a divider(166) and upping the voltages just a tad

1.5V CPU

2.8v VDIMM

1.75 Chipset

And run memory in 2T TILL YOU GET THE INSTALLATION DONE then switch back to 1T

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Thanks for the replys.



I finally managed to install XP64 by


1. Downloading a new RAID driver disk from planetamd64.com

2. Running at T2, T1 worked under XP32, but not XP64

3. Take 2 of my raptors out, back to a 2 disk array :-(

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