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ok so this is gettin really weird.....got some findings good and bad a

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for those who havnt seen the current situation heres a link to my old thread..http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=27511


just a good ol 21" hp trinitron


ok so after reviewing the situation further i realized by pressing the keys to close windows {windows up enter enter} i realized my comp wasnt freezing.


it was either shutting my screen off or canceling out all signal to it at the vid card once the vid card drivers load....


so i tried on my old pop box 16 inch monitor and whoa and behold i can boot up right into windows in like 15 seconds...lol



so whats the deal...i cant get this monitor to work in anything but safe mode at any res but no refresh or video card options or vga mode with really low settings


and the good monitor works fine with the old computer aswell. geez any help would be great this has me stumped im psyched the comp works just gotta get the monitor to work with it :D




also randomly when i start it seems cmos is a lil shaky...like if i go from gaming spot to gaming spot at my house i have to hard restaart the system after turning iit on somtimes because of random artifact works of like ok and stuff all over the screen.....

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