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When running the Prime95 test, which test am I supposed to run?


I'm assuming the Torture Test, but it has choices of small FFT's, large FFT's, a blend and custom.

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Guest thespin

Hey, AG. here is what happens when I run blend on my X2 4600+:

If I just run one instance (even with affinity on), Prime spends a couple of minutes doing disk IO (appears to be the page file) before it cranks the core to 100%.

If I run two instances (separate cores), both will spend a couple of minutes doing some type of disk IO and, IF I DIDN'T START THEM CLOSE TO THE SAME TIME, only one will crank to 100% while the other appears to be working the disk IO thing. Then the other Prime instance will crank to 100% and the first will shut down to doing the disk IO thing. And they will continue switching back and forth like that BUT BOTH WON'T CRANK AT THE SAME TIME. IF I START THEM VERY CLOSE TOGETHER, both Prime instances will spend HOURS doing the disk IO thing (my page file disk is active) and won't crank ANY of the cores to 100%. They produce status reports which means they are working BUT VERY VERY SLOWLY churning the page file.


Then I read somewhere about the custom option. The only thing needed to change for an X2 processor is the 'memory to use'. This option cranks BOTH PROCS to 100% within 20 seconds ... and it runs a blend as here:



Please note I am running Win64 and the 64-bit version of Prime95 ...


As a matter of fact, that was your post ... here !


But I guess this is just for X2, huh ? :D

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