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problems with ocz platinum 2x512 2-3-2-5

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Hi All,


I've scoured these forums (which are very nice, btw) and found a few threads that might be similar to my problem, but no definitive answers. I'm having problems with this RAM, and I suspect that I might need to up the voltage. I'm a huge n00b and haven't done this before. Also, I found BIOS timings for the rev.2 version of this stuff, but not the regular (i might have missed them). I haven't found any good recommendations about which BIOS to use with it either.


Here's the problem. I've beeen having problems installing Windows with this RAM in dual channel. It usually blue screens near the end of the install. I've already returned one pair of it and run Memtest, so I'm fairly certain it's not the RAM. Windows installs fine with one module installed, but eventually my windows/system/config/system folder gets corrupted and it wont let me boot into the OS. I think i've pretty much narrowed the problem down to changing the timings and voltage, but I want to make sure I'm using the correct settings (or at least the ones recommended by the pros).


So basically, I'm looking for 1) some advice about my problem (if I'm on the right track, or if there's something else I should try, 2) settings for the non rev. 2 dual platinum OCZ, and 3) a BIOS recommendation.



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