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For Sale: Nvidia FX5200 AGP


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I'm selling my AGP Nvidia FX5200 that I got a while back. It's a Dell OEM, I'll be honest, but I think it has Evga roots. It uses a passive black heatsink, has a VGA, DVI, and S-VIDEO outputs. I have applied AS5 on the heatsink, and I have taken this card very far when it comes to overclocking. I can and will provide pictures as soon as I post this and get my camera out.


The reason why I am selling this is because, as many know, I'm going to be buying a SD 3700+, and the price difference is ~50 bucks between that and a 3700+ San Diego.


I can only include the card, because, well, that's the only thing I have that goes with it.


As far as aftermarket cooling goes, a Vantec Iceberg 4 worked excellently for me, it's very quiet and cools great.


As far as shipping goes, I can only offer shipping to the US and Canada. I cannot ship overseas. Buyer pays shipping, as I do not know where you live before I set my price.


I am asking $45 for the card before shipping.


Thanks for looking guys,


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