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Blue Screen Problems

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Finished a new build at the end of the summer and with the launch of some new forceware drivers for the 7800 gtx and new drivers for the nvidia nforce 4 i decided to try the new drivers out.


unfortunatly this has caused a couple of problems: -


- at very ramdom times i get the dreaded blue screen appear.....it just says that there is a problem with any new software/hardware

- whenever i launch any java apps (for example Azureus) i always seem to get the blue screen pop up or the java application crashes


Im pretty new to this and any comments/procedures would be very helpful as the blue screen s beginning to get on my nerves






Spec - AMD X2 4400+, 2x512 Corsair 4400, DFI Lanparty Ultra D SLI, 74gb Raptor, 2x 160 Sata, Gigbyte 7800 gtx, Windows XP Pro SP2

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