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Problems with the fsb

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im from spanish and sorry for my english.


I bought this board yesterday, and the problem is that if i change the fsb, the cpu is a venice 3000+, for example, 210mhz(LTD 4x)x9multi, but it follows equal, it is to say, to 200mhz. I changed the bios by more modern, but nothing.


somebody something knows?


thanks! :(

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4A. Signatures - Updated 8/6/2005


As of today, August 6th, 2005, EVERYONE that signs up at this forum and posts here MUST put together a signature with detailed system specifications. There is to be no argument about this anymore.


If you sign up here and wish to post a question for support, you MUST have a signature, or your posts WILL BE DELETED without question.


If you fail to make a sig and continue creating new threads asking support questions, you WILL be given a 7 day vacation (ban) and warned that if you come back, you MUST FOLLOW THE RULES OF THIS FORUM.


For details on how to make a signature, please check this link:




Example of a good signature:


DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra-D

Bios 6/23/2005-3 (date code is more important than the actual bios file name)

Athlon64 3200+ Venice

2x512MB OCZ PC3200 BH-5 UTT (OCZ4001024ELDCGE-K)

2x 80GB Hitachi SATA II hdd


Pioneer 16X DVDrom

Sapphire ATI X850XT Platinum Edition

OCZ Powerstream 520w power supply

Audigy II ZS sound card

Windows XP Pro SP 2


to check your bios date code, either use CPU-Z (http://www.cpuid.org/cpuz.php)


or check your POST screen during boot:

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My sistem


Venice 3000+

DFI NF4 Infinity

2x512mb DDR400 kingston cas3


Bios phoenix technologies, LTD 6.0 PG 8/11/2005, is the new oficial bios for this board

NEC 3500A


3Rsystem 550w PFCon powersupply

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