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weird vdimm situation

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hey guys

i bought a new dfi...ultra-d....sig not up to date i know...yet..

last night i got a brand new venice and i installed it

i went to bios and have set the startup vid ,vid control and special v control to auto...

just to check what i could do with stock volts....

i didn mess with vdimm.....left it at 3,3....

i tryed to boot into windows and i get an error of files missing..

i go into the bios and i see that my vdimm was set to....2,6.....

and the options above 3,2 were not available....

them i set manually the vcore settings i did F10 and when i entered the bios again it was everything normal..


what happened to me here....

i screwed my windows cause the vdimm went back to 2,6 but i didnt move it there...just vcore...


bios is shipping bios-23-6



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