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0440 Winchester 3500+ doing ~2.625 Ghz so far


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Finally started OCing (only because I'm probably going to sell my CPU and get an X2 3800+). 2.5 Ghz Primed for 14 hours without incident. I found that 2.65 Ghz wasn't stable at 1.55 volts, and I didn't want to push it with more volts. 2.625 Ghz (using a 10.5 memory divider, was this wise?) seemed pretty stable, passed 32 Pi, OCTT, and was doing Prime very well. Then I got an error after 5 hours. I'm running it again to see if it occurs again.


But what I'm wondering is how did Winchesters overclock as a whole? Most of the databases have dried up because of the newer cores (or I just can't find them).

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