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DFI-Street Tutorial Video - Photoshop/MS Paint (screenshot how-to)

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Ok everyone, I first did this for the Overclock Database guys (that are always angry at me for deleting their entries because they are using 1600x1200 images or something that is breaking a rule...but I think not everyone knows how to make their images within the rules.


I spent a good chunk of the day making this how-to video that shows you Photoshop and MS Paint basics.


It is not intended to be the 'be-all/end-all' tutorial of either program. It is just a basic how-to for how to capture full screenshots, capture only active windows, capture and crop full screenshots, and maybe something else hah.


This video again does not have narration, it only has music. I am working on the narration part (plus I sound like an idiot), but for now it is music again...




This video is a good many steps beyond the first 'big' video that we tested. Nothing super-spectacular, but you can tell that I am getting the hang of the software involved.


Also, before anyone cries....it is in 1280x1024 resolution...as that is this desktop's native resolution with an LCD. It is best viewed with your desktop resolution at 1280x1024 with Windows Media (or your favorite media player that can play this file) set to Full-Screen mode (or if your desktop is 1600x1200 then you don't have to watch full-screen...you know this stuff)



I DO plan to make future versions 1024x768. This will fit the least common denominator at the forums (if you are still using 800x600 for desktop resolution....get a life hehe).



Note that these will continue to improve in quality as I get more and more familiar with the software, and Jacky's DV camera (all I am waiting for is Rokk @ DangerDen to loan me his very nice capture card). All in anticipation of the Crossfire/Expert boards that are coming.



dedicated download links in this thread:



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