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DFI LP B and X-Fi from Creative

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Reading how many people have issues with X-Fi cards, tought mostly related to the nForce3 and 4 boards, I still love the know if anyone ever tried the X-Fi card


(preferably the one with X-RAM versions, like X-Fi Fatality of X-Fi Elite Pro :) )






They simply look good and promising and once the performance problems are fixed, it might become a pretty neat card to play with :D




Anyone got it in DFI LP B? And with witch bios and working? :confused:

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I dn have one but planned on getting one in the future, with as much memory as possible, ie the most expensive model I can find : hehe.


As for probs I dn.

I had wrote in another trhead that I have had teh same probs you have had in the sound department.

With onboard sound though, problems went away after I made another custom driver for it.

I'm not exactly sure at all where the problems stem from though...



Anyways I wonder what the prices are on these X-Fi's?

When I looked them up about a month ago on pricewatch and newegg they were non existent.

If I can get the premo package for just over $100 then I'd go for it.

But if it's gonna cost me around $300 then I will say screw that to creative...

My video card cost lesss :.



The card would have to do what I got specced in my sig for pci bus...

Not all card do so...

Meaning it would totally suck if I ended up getting one someday only to find out that it can't run with the rest of my stuff :(.

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Trodas: I really don't know about about that card. My little Audgy-Ls and my little $20.00 boston accostic BA-735 digital speakers. Sounds good enough for me. ( At night I can get it loud enough to have unwelcome visitors)

But I really wanted to comment on the nice work on the heatsinks.

And the w/c system For 225 FSB (or 225x12.....? LOL) Goodness! Very nice work! See-ya' "Clay"

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NEOAethyr - your PCI clock 60Mhz is somewhat insane, mate! :shake:

I wonder how the poor components can handle 120MHz AGP clock :confused: I even wonder how you can set it, because IIRC the O/C in bios top out at about 80Mhz or something?

Last time I tried 80Mhz for the AGP clock it did not bring me any performance improvents anyway... :rolleyes: But maybe it could, if I set the latency then to 16 instead of 32 - eg. for max. CPU power and fastest bench scores, as low latency as possible is necessary, so, maybe... :P

How do you have it set?

Do you use any PCI devices, after all?

...this is insane. I would not wonder if it does not work. And I agree that the price is very high, but if this could fix my FSb problems, then... :P



Clay - well, given your speakers I say that your Audigy, tought LS version, is a luxus for you :D

And thanks, well, yep, w/o a single fan and cooling it can do this :D

And hey, recently I benched for 12h and for the 12h, the machine was bench-stable, at 230Mhz FSB :P;) But then crashed :P

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The only problem w/my sound is playin' doom3 I hear footsteps I can't tell if they are comming from in front or behind. I am very happy w/them otherwise. Boston Accoustic BA735 Digital only. Very clear.

I've noticed that in "Neo's" sig too. commented on that in anouther thread somewhere.120mhz!!agp. The fastest I've ever seen one of my cards agp frequency was my 6600gt running @agp was 84mhz. It was actually set auto on my asus.ntunes nmonitor revealed it. It made the hsi sink too hot so I locked it @67.(Still had to make a bigger heatsink for it anyway) My 6800gt is allways locked @67. I allway try to carefully read his post. Sometimes I have to go back and reread as the pieces fit.LOL "Clay"

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:), sorry about that, I commented on this once allready, I should change my sig to something more decent soon :).

I can't do 120mhz agp yet, I thaught I could when I did up my last sig.

I will change my sig sometime soon :).


I can do 115mhz agp though, 57.5mhz pci.

All day any day :).


I've found 2 tests that can quickly find probs in an agp speed's stability.

ut2k4 demo ctf map.

doom3, map game/hell1 will lock my system at 120mhz within a few secs of loading :(.


I have a conexant pci soft modem in the last slot.

I have the realtek lan on, usb, ide, floppy, lpt, sound.


The rest are disabled, I dn if there's any issues with anythign else on the board or not because they are disabled.


I've had probs with diffrent modems though.

40.5mhz pci seems to work so far universally, but not totally sure if everythign would work at that speed.


Also video cards, they draw more power at this speed, my quadro4 needed an extra .2v for 100mhz agp, .1v for 81mhz or below (1.5v being standered).

My gf6 6600gt does'nt use any extra vagp anyways.


It's all in the memory on the video card.

Maybe the core if it's volt modded.


My quadro4 would'nt go past 100mhz for the most part, would'nt go much past it anyways.

I have'nt used anything else then a quadro4 or a 66gt in this board so far so I dn about other cards.


Anyways I setup 100mhz for everyday use from the bios, that's the max from that.

From clockgen I can get up to 115 and run everything without any probs.


I check 1st the agp, then for pci probs, like hd, sound, and then modem :).


Every modem I've tried that does'nt do 50mhz + pci freaks out when it tries to connect, or when it dissconnects(usr soft modem I got does this).

I use a conexant soft mode, works fine, pctel does too at least up to 50mhz :(, the conexant is staying though :).

(I burned all my pctel's out so I dn if they handle more, burned out form thunder storms :(, 3 of them)



Oh and I have seen speed ups from upping it, big noticable ones ;).

ut2k4 nvidia logo, maybe in 2k3 as well.

Sandra's mem bench, I tested up to 100mhz with this long ago on this board, the more the better(does this even if you up the isa and dma bus speed on other boards if you belive it, so....).


Also something major, err cool.

I used to use virtual vcr for previewing video.

At 120fps, uyvy.

Well it could'nt doit with anythign lower then 81mhz agp.

I now use graphedit, renamed to Recode.exe now anyways so it's probably faster now but still.


Hd access is better the higher you go too.

Etc, it's the small things, plus nice speedups like above.



Edit, again : :

Oui, I can do 120mhz agp 60mhz pci.

Could'nt before, but I felt like trying again.

I was laying down trying to goto sleep and decided I wanted another shot at it :.

Worked, lmao.


I just changed my sig back to 115 a while ago too :.


It's not a temp thing, either it's breakin or a bios thing.

That rules out the south bridge and the hsi bridge on my video card.

It's something I will have to keep using for a while, also will have to try it on my older bios rev.


Funny though really, I hit the limit of what clockgen allows for agp/pci.

I'm all for 133mhz agp 66mhz pci now hehe.


I played doom3, some of hell1 and I beat the last level, also I watched some anime I captured, both xvid+aac and some raw uyvy+pcm.

It's still going as I type this, the only prob I had before was doom3.


I'm taking off to a buds house later on to help him move, maybe I will spend the night and bring my rig, sounds like a good idea really.

I can do some more stressing in a more uncontrolled enviroment.


Both everest and sandra don't tell me my agp speeds so I can show that way.

Clockgen, the way it shows it to you would'nt really beable to tell if I pushed aply or not :, kinda sucks.


Anyone know of another prog that shows this sort of thing?

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"Neo" The only software that I know of that can monitor agp frequency from win-deer's is the monitor in "nvidias" "ntune" . But I read a post by "Angry" some where that said never-ever use it on DFI's! I've had trouble with the tune-up deal on it before. w/ a diffrent board.(Worked good once) I think it messes up the bio's if you use the tune-up on it. But it might mess-up the bio's just installing it. Since I read that post I haven't used it since.

I'll look and see what else I can find. "Clay"

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Ah yeah ntune.

I totally forgot.


It's not so much bios corruption, though it may be possible, it's more or less that the officials here don't believe avg users should be chnaging certain reg's and stuff from within windows.

For one doing it from the bios is tootally diff from windows sometimes, and for 2, it can corrupt your windows and we don't need more peeps in here asking why lol.


Long ago with on of the older rev's of ntune it supported showing the north bridge voltage, it does'nt now.

I may install it again someday to use it for verification for agp speeds.

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I love my xtreme music. I mainly wanted it for bf2, and right now do to the bios bug it sucks my performance down on it. If you have any nforce 4 board, caution is to be taken. Most manu;s have an updated bios for the fix, but DFI does not yet. Hopefully soon. The card its self sounds amazing, clairity and spacially. Just heed the warnings about the issues.

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{pdX}pyrosee - I happens to think that the X-Fi would also actually need a little bios upgrade, hehe :shake: Creative seems again rushing half-done product into the market and asking premium for it... :rolleyes:

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{pdX}pyrosee - I happens to think that the X-Fi would also actually need a little bios upgrade, hehe :shake: Creative seems again rushing half-done product into the market and asking premium for it... :rolleyes:


Yup.. But so does almost everyone else. ("Microsoft" to name just 1...... :spam: ) Wish I could do that..

Do they even have a firmware flash for it?(Device bios flash)

Edit:For the sound card?

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