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please, help me with my lp configuration

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hi, this is my first post here, i from argentina so sorry for my english


about 4 months ago i buy a lp ultra b (used) and i still have configuration issues


if i try more than 200*10 the pc shut down. I used the officials bios, the 1-21, 1-31

yesterday i get the hellfire 3,


i noticed that the south bridge became hot and hot, so I change the v of the chipset from auto to 1.6

and it like 200*11, i put a fan near the southbridge silk for a few minutes and the pc boot in 2400

is that possible???? the other temperatures like cpu an north are perfectly.

I tried everything, so i think the problem is this f***** southbridge.


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What exactly is that OCZ Performance <>? PC3500EL Performance etc? Does it have a Part Number on the Heatspreader?


Also, what other voltages are you using? Have you tried running memtest & prime95? Try downloading and running S&M to test out your ram, cpu & PSU.


I don't think the Southbridge getting hot would cause that problem, especially with that voltage, unless the boards defective.

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