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need help booting new system

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today i finaly finished my 2nd build,but when i powered up it gave me this message:


bios rom checksum error

detecting floppy drive A media

insert system disk and press enter


the only floppy it came with is for the raid driver,and im not gonna use raid.it wont let me even go to the bios.

does anyone know what the problem is and maybe can help


BTW the mobo is a 925x-t2

p4 3.6

1x2gb geil memory

wd 80gb sata

nec dvd/cd rom

floppy drive

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vooduu child: Please make a sig with your complete system specs. Thanks.


Your problem is a corrupted BIOS which could be due to bad memory.


This is what you will need to do:


1. Shut the computer down.

2. Pull the power cord.

3. Press the power button to dissapate any remaining power.

4. Remove one of your memory modules.

5. Go to your good computer and download the latest BIOS for the motherboard.

6. Unzip the files onto a good, error free floppy disk.

7. Plug the power cord back in.

8. Power on the system.

9. When you receive that error, place the floppy disk into the diskette drive.

10. Let it go completely through the process.

11. If it asks you to press enter to reboot, do it, otherwise it might automatically reboot the computer when it is done.


You should be good to go after the last step.


Let me know if this procedure does not work for you.

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