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ram timings help

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My computer is currently at 277x10.5=2909mhz with a ram divider of 166, giving a ram speed of 223mhz. I am memtest stable overnight, Prime95 stable for 5+ hours, and superpi 32m stable. However when i play certain games they crash, which leads me to believe im not as stable as id like to think. The only thing i can think of is that its the ram timings, because it only crashes when a lot of ram is being used. So if someone could tell me if any of my timings are blatantly wrong or whatever, that would be great.


system is athlon 3700SD, DFI NF4 Ultra-D, 4x 512mb VX


DRAM voltage: 3.3v

Frequency: 166

CPC disabled

Tcl: 2

Trcd: 2

Tras: 10

Trp: 2

Trc: 12

Trfc: 14

Trrd: 2

Twr: 2

Twtr: 1

Trwt: 2

Bank Interleave: Enable

Decrease Scew

Scew Value: 0

drive strength: normal4

data drive strength: level 3

max async latency: 8ns

response time: fastest

read preamble: 7ns

idle cycle counter limit: 256

r/w queu bypass: 16x

bypass max: 7x

32 bit granularity: disable

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2-2-2-10 at > 220 MHz is very tight, only the best RAM can give that, and then only at certain voltage (depending on RAM). Since you don't mention what RAM you have (not even how much) and don't give the voltages I think this is all anyone could say.


Did you remember to set the Hypertransport to a divider to keep it below 1 GHz?

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