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1.st thing to do with the giveaway ocz 600W

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hello folks then it arrived


the fantastic OCZ powerstream 600W that i Won in the giveaway here....


1st thing to do was changing it to 230v......and then turn it on.....oh dear the noise reminded me of the old nforce4 chipset cooler :)


what to do.....VOID warranty.....open it up, get the back cooler off and replacing it with a low noice revoltec...had to modd it to 2 instead of 3 pins......OCZ doesnt break (i hope) and i couldnt live with the noise, so no real alternative...


here are some pics....next time i will modd another blue cooler in.....to make it even more silent.


ocz1blaa15lu.th.jpg ocz1blaa37em.th.jpg ocz1blaa23wm.th.jpg

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