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Overclocking On P4p800 Deluxe

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I just tried doing some OCIng on my P4P800 deluxe with a retail intel 2.8 ghz and I get no luck, I can't change the external fsb frequency... helP!!



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LOL Dont worry its an easy mistake i seen ppl make b4 you are trying to press "Enter" on the value of the FSB instead highlight it and use "+" & "-"

To change the value I stumbled on that myself once but it took me about 30 seconds to figure it out ;)


BTW in your sig it says 2.8 oc'd to 3.3 I take it you were using the "AI" overclock feature ?

Thats the max i could get

Also how is your thermaltake giant II VGA cooler ?

was thinking about buying one does it help any?

What are your Clocks on the Radeon?

Best i can manage is 420 on the core and 720 on the memory clock

anything more and i get distortions

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