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2.95 Gig 754 processor

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Yes and its no go one stick just wont get up there. No matter, the performance is still far better than i expected. I was hoping for 2800+ but I guess Ill take it. I'm certainly gonna have to agree with Angry tho Ram divider at 150 166 or 183 I notice little to no difference in any application.

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i should have a 2GB kit of this tomorrow


btw, I am working on 300x9 @ DDR166 (about 246Mhz actual memory speed) on the NF4X Infinity (socket 754, PCI-Express slot...got a 3100+ 64-bit Sempron in it and a 7800GTX heh)


its priming behind me


Hi Angry_Games.


Is this the Nf4x Infinity motherboard you're currently testing?:





I've been trying to decide between buying the NF4 4X Infinity and the UT250gb and it looks you might have tried both of them.


I've read that there are fewer memory BIOS settings with the Infinity motherboards compared to the LanParty BIOS settings. Is that true?


If you're getting 300x9 on the NF4 4X, do you think the UT250gb could achieve a higher overclock?


I was thinking about running memory at stock speeds and just overclocking the cpu. Would the NF4 4X and the LanParty UT250gb be roughly equivalent in that situation?


AFIAK, the Nf4 4X uses a newer chipset and supports PCIe, whereas the UT250gb is a well known but older motherboard. If they both overclocked to roughly the same extent, I guess the decision would come down to PCIe on the NF4 4x vs better sound chip+Gigabit ethernet on the UT250gb.


Have you tried overclocking the same cpu and memory and the NF4 4X and UT250gb to assess the difference in overclocking ability of the two motherboards?

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