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DFI UT NF4 Wont boot after the cold boot with OCZ 4000VX mem

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I recently overclocked my rig, and it is doing something sort of similar, but probably it's different.


It seems, after reading through a few threads, that people might be buying the vxpc4000, but not pushing it enough.


Anyway, I have OCZ ELPC4000VX, and I have pushed it to 500Mhz at 2-2-2-8. It runs in a totally stable state when put at 3.3v or 3.4v. at 3.2v prime95 bailed at 45mins, but at 3.3v it ran fine for 10hrs44mins, until I stopped it.


The thing is it will not cold boot. It warm boots fine, and takes anything i through at it and runs with it. If i turn it off for a few hours though and then try to turn it on it gets to the thrid LED (ram check) and reboots. I've over come this by clearing the BIOS, and it will boot fine then. after having it on for 5 mins, to warm up, if i reboot to the BIOS and overclock it, then save and reboot it will boot fine.


If i run this machine at stock settings there is no problems at all, fullstop. it will boot fine, run stably.


First I thought maybe the ram doesn't like 3.3v having slammed into it when it is cold, so i turned it down 0.1v, but then the computer wouldn't boot at those settings. I have put it up to 3.4v to see if that fix's. maybe it needs more voltage for a cold boot?


In any case, has anyone had this exact problem, and knows what causes it, and how to stop it happening?



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