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Angry Instructional Video - Test #2 - Updated (48MB video)

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Trying to get the download. I have the torrent but cant find a seed.

did you check the thread stuck to the top of this section???? (don't you guys read anything anymore???)

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Torrent don't working in my network...


Can you upload that file to some file sharing service, like http://rapidshare.de?


Any way, thx for your work...



yet again




I'm pretty sure that the thread at teh very top of the forum that says:


Sticky: Current DFI-Street Video Tutorials (updated 2/22/2006 w/new waterblock install vid!)


and inside it says, in the first post:


Please be aware that most video tutorials start out on Bit Torrent, and eventually after they become old (about 2 weeks) we are starting to move them all to File Front.



Please do everyone a favor and CHECK THE FILE FRONT DFI-STREET PAGE FIRST!!! before asking how to get a video.








Here is the current list of all tutorial videos hosted at File Front


1. IHS Removal Tutorial

2. Windows XP Tweak Guide Video Tutorial

3. Photoshop/MS Paint Video Tutorial

4. Install Thermalright XP-120 (for RDX200, NF3, NF4)

5. DangerDen Maze4 gpu waterblock installation





I will update this list as I get more of the videos uploaded!




(I don't think I have to explain any more lol)

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After post my message, on next morning, i found where i can download that video..

But it's was too late... :)



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Just a couple of thoughts here...


It would be really useful if someone has a transcript of the tweaks done here and could post it. At least it would be useful to me so I can just have a written check list to go through and do them. And it would save me from writing my own transcript from the video! :-)


Also, if there's anyone in the community that knows how to program for windows, I wonder how hard it would be to make a program or script that performs all of those tweaks for you, or better yet, offers them to you and you can select which ones you want to do or not do.


I obviously don't expect this from AG or the other DFI support guys, but it seems like a plausible and useful couple of things the community could provide. I don't know how to code for modifying windows settings, but if there's not a transcript posted by the time I get mine done, I'll take some time and post it here as a follow up.




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