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Boot Problem - Advice Requested (Long)

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I have decided to post here and solicit opinions about the state of my DFI based system. I built the computer back in July and thought everything went together smoothly. I got it up and running, OCed it, and got everything stable enough for an OC DB entry. However I have had one nagging boot problem that I am out of ideas on how to deal with it.


The specific problem is that I get a BSOD right after the Windows desktop appears on a cold boot (machine is completely powered off). If I restart the system and select "Start Windows Normally" it will boot without a problem and is perfectly stable. By stable I mean overnight Memtest and dual Prime95, plus extensive gaming (HL2 mainly), and some finite element modeling. The BSODs rotate among a few common ones. I have seen "Driver irql_not_less_or_equal", "Page fault in non-paged area", and "memory management" blue screens at various times. The parameters listed vary per BSOD so I haven't been able to identify any specific cause.


I have taken the following steps to eliminate the problem without success:

Return system to stock speeds

Change Bios: 623-2, 704-2BT, 704-2BTA

Uninstall, driver clean, reinstall video drivers

Uninstall, driver clean, reinstall chipset drivers

Unplug external USB devices during boot

Loosen settings on ram

Increase ram voltage

Reformat and reinstall Windows


The only other suspects in my mind are the ram and the psu. I have read through the Seasonic threads here and my problem doesn't seem exactly the same but a possibility. I plan to check my +5VSB jumpers and set a hard drive delay tonight as suggested in the Seasonic thread. I suspect the ram only because of the varied blue screens and the fact that the ram gives Memtest errors under "optimized defaults" settings (It gives 0 errors after I change the settings, I do not know which specific setting or combination that gets rid of the errors). Otherwise I am out of ideas and would love some advice on things to try. Thanks for reading my longwinded description,



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Put your bios setting down and list them if you do this im willing to do mine (ive been meaning to do this for a while and hav em checked by Rgone or Angry) and we may be able to figure it out. Our cpus are slighlty different the memory almost the same and i think you are better off with 704BTA.



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As requested these are the ram timings I have been using, and they have passed memtest. They are those listed in Genie settings:

166, E, 2.5, 3, 8, 3, 12, 17, 2, 2, 1, 2, 3120, E, A, 0, Normal 3, 2, 8ns, Normal, 4ns, 32cycles, D, 16x, 4x, D


I have changed just about every setting back to Auto for the time being to see if there is any change.


Thanks for any help,

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