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7800 gt suttering problems

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oh shoot, i did find it, it was under advanced, can you tell what i should turn on what plz :angel:


Yeah sure, its just another form of AA, but it improves IQ alot (but obviously hurts performance more).


So you can either have, OFF -> Multisampling -> Supersampling.


Multisampling doesn't really do much, not that I can notice, but here's a good link to comparison of screenshots...







I was just thinking if you had that enabled it would hurt performance...

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I'm also having major stuttering problems, especially in BF2, but it's even noticeable in HL2..


For HL2 try changing to the 78.05 beta drivers, and then also try this...


Navigate to your HL2 directory > SteamApps > "username" > half-life 2 > hl2 > cfg.


Now in the "cfg" folder create a new "autoexec.txt" file and add the line,


mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware "0"


Now do File > Save As > autoexec.cfg (make sure its set to All Files and not .txt still).



Try starting the game again and see if that is any better, also in the Nvidia control panel make sure items such as AA/AF and VSync are set to Application - Controlled and then set them in HL2 itself, also in the HL2 options disable VSync.




See if that helps.

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Well I will chime in on this one since I am an avid bf2 player and I talk with/know many bf2 and 7800 owners.


Well assuming you have tried all the suggested hardware tweaks/fixes on this site:


#1: Don't play on 64 player servers. Most of the time the stuttering is really some 300 pinger from norway or anartica (hehe), ffs.


try a 32. (our server is a 32 player: divo.net|{pdX} Ranked Angst. just put in divo in the search string and feel free to test out your settings there)


You should have no problem running that card in like 8x AA. If you are running your monitor at a high resolution, like 1680X1050 as I am, then turn off Anti Aliasing. You dont need it in that res. Crank up the anistropic filtering.

I run mine in 1680, no anti aliasing, and 16x anistropic. Image quality set to "high".


#2. Nuke your bf2 cache.

Delete the files (but NOT the folder) located at: UserMy DocumentsBattlefield 2modsbf2cache


Dump your bf2 cache EVERYTIME you change any drivers. This will cause you to re-optimize shaders. and its generally a good thing to do weekly. This has been an easy fix for many people. If that does not work then try *eek* beta drivers.


There is another documented problem amongst 7800 owners and X-Fi cards. I am one of them :( Didnt see it in your specs though.


SO anyway, what's working ok so far are (as of last night) the 6.67 nforce drivers from Guru3d (or stationdrivers), and the 81.26 WHQL forceware drivers. yes whql but STILL beta... :)


Here are the links: 6.67's

81.26 WHQL


there are a few other things to try but lets start there.


If you got any other bf2 questions, I will try and help :)

Good luck!

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well i tried everything you guys are telling me, it didnt make it worse, but not completely better, now that i look at it closely, it happens when i free-look with my mouse, its like a ripple that goes across the middle of the screen, but yes like firegod said there are micropauses with it, but the ripple is the main thing. i have af set to 16x and aa set to 4x if that helps


It sounds like you are describing "tearing". Enabling verticle sync should help. The following post describes what verticle sync does, and whether or not you will want to live with the tearing or enable vsync.



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System Specs:


AMD 3800+ venice (oc to 2700MHZ)

evga 7800 gt

2 gigs (4x512mb) Patriot pc4800

Turtle Beach "Santa Cruz" sound card

74 gig raptor


I just got the 7800 gt. I have been experiencing stuttering problems, particularly in Battlefield 2. The gameplay is very jittert. I am using Nvidias Latest drivers. I cant figure out the problem. I am running Battlefield 2 in [email protected] Hertz everything on high. From what i read this graphics card should eat up those settings.


I would appreciate the help.




I've been experiencing the samething.


*takes a look @ sig*. I suspect it's our sound cards maybe?

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Should try the 81.84's..they on nvidia's website. Seem to fix alot of issues. They can be had at http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_download...2bit_81.84.html Cleared up my BF2 probs. Disabling your page file won't do anything except cause your system to be unstable, even with 2 g ram. Only time you can disable it is with 4 gig because thats the limit on a page file anyways but your pagefile should be 1.5 times your ram. So set it to 3072 start 3072 end. Card swap won't typically cause problems because the drivers work for both and then its a winblowz issue. Turn off anti-aliasing in bf2..its useless..Leave Anti-aliasing in nvidia settings to application controlled. Leave Anisotropic filtering to application controlled. Leave Transparent Anti-aliasing to off. If you read anything about the later it really doesn't do anything. See if those settings and drivers work.

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I get that too, when looking with the mouse, not the ripple but bad stuttering. It even happens with 1024x768 with lowest settings possible.. Now the game won't even start though, after I went to 78.01 drivers. I'm back to 81.84 and it still won't start


Reinstalled the game too

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