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Setting up Raid 0

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Thus far I have followed the nvraid manual 2 instruction guide from the dfi website about setting up raid.


Currently I am unsure if my hard drives are setup in raid 0, as towards the end of the process, what occured differed from what the guide said should happen.


I was able to, as best that I know, complete each of the steps in setting up raid 0 as described in the guide up to the section title "Initializing and Using the Raid Array".


At this point, the manual says to access the Administrative tools folder and open the Computer Management window. From there is says by clicking on Disk Management, the Initialize and Convert Disk Wizard will appear, however at this point, the wizard does not appear.


Aditional Information:


My two hard drives are shown as just one, C.

The nvraidman software displays the follow:




And the two sata hard drives are listed as removeable devices:




Also I am unsure as to if I need to do anything special to allow the drives to work at SATA II speeds, such as something in the bios, they just seem to be listed as sata drives. I have run HDTach and these are the results, so it would seem that they are runing fast, but SATA II Raid 0 fast, I don't know:




Do I need to specify that the hard drives are SATA II in order for them to run at the top speeds. And Are the drives actually running in raid 0, as for some reason, I have not been able to initialise the raid 0 in windows.



Thanks for any help.

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Use the NVIDIA manual for seeting up a bootable array, initiall in the BIOS need to firstly enable RAID then enable which SATA (?) drives you will you, all this BEFORE you configure the RAID array.


after saving BIOS settings will need to press F10 to get into the RAID settings, here can define RIAD o or 0+1 etc and also specify EXACTLY which drives you will use.


Need to load the extra drivers for the RAID configuration but what really confused me was the 3 different options for loading the O/S onto.


Check that the SATA cables from your HD are going into the SATA 2 connections on your m/b if so and you HD are SATA 2 compataible then should be OK.. i think

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It appears that you are running in either RAID 0 or JBOD, since your screenshots show you having a 300 gig drive.


Your first screenshot shows a logical drive called Striping, and you HD tach scores would be a world record for a single SATA drive, so I'm pretty sure its already in RAID 0.


Since you mentioned that this drive is your c:, then Im guessing these are your only drives, and that you used the floppy disk to install the RAID drivers in the XP setup.


My understand of that part of the manual, is that that is for adding arrays to windows AFTER installing windows. I don't think it applies to you.



However, I don't think your drives are running in SATA 2 mode. You need to download the program from hitachis site to enable that feature. Use the feature tool (version 1.98). http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm

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