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2 Weeks

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Ok, first off, im going on vacation for 2 weeks (aug. 8 to...uhhh...2 weeks later), then im going to be away for antoher 2 days to get my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled)! Yes, don't worry, my computer will be folding the whole time :P! But i need someone that would be willing to host a site (about 15-20 mb tops, and very low bandwith, 200mb TOPS in the 2 weeks but probably more like 50megs or so) with php support and 1 mysql database and hopefully ftp (or some other way for me to upload)! Depending on the server speed and time it takes to load over the internet i may be able to pay you a small fee for the 2 weeks! If someone is internested please PM me or leave a post, or if you know of someone, or a hosting company then leave a post! It will really help me out! Thanks in advance!

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