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Network cable unplugged popup

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For about a week, now, I've been getting network cable unplugged popups. If I have a download going on this PC, it is immediately killed when the popup appears.

My laptop, which is running wireless to the same router, and running the same firewall (ZoneAlarm) has had no problems. I just tried to download Ubuntu on both the PC and the laptop; the laptop downloaded all 600MB on the first attempt, and the PC quit after about 2MB (each of my 15 or 20 attempts).

What I've tried:

1) Rebooting the router

2) Switching the connection I'm using (nVidia and Marvell)

3) Re-entering the manual MAC addresses in the BIOS

4) Yelling at it

5) Disabling the firewall

6) Switching router ports


Nothing's worked. Has anyone else seen these popups? Any solutions?

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I was at Google just looking to see how many brands of board using the Nvidia Ethernet as onboard Nic were having your problem. Tons! Makes no freeken difference brand of board. Nvidia Ethernet kicks out tons of hits on problems. So I read this thread to the bottom since it is "reflective" of most of this type of problem I have seen in here and in other brands of mobo forum. They answered this and suggested that and when I got to the last post it was there. The answer that is really the real answer to Nvidia Ethernet.



A good read and had me spell bound all the way to the very last post.



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