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Where to Shop Guide (Stores listed by country)

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Sounds like jab-tech is not as willing as they once were to sell to Canada, they were realy quick to tell me not to buy, and have answered my emails like juvenile delinquents would, they dont want to be bothered, shipping to the country next door is now too much for them to handle...


Most of all, the once available basic ground shipping USPS method is no longer made available and they wont honor previous quotes using this shipping method.


Now that the only shipping option for Canada is express airmail OVERSEAS shipping... that cost over 20$-60$usd to ship an item the size of an Oreo cookie(chipset fan), I think they should be removed from the Canadian retailer list, they are bad business from my experience.




edit: you can get the vc-re for same price at www.svc.com in the US or www.tigerdirect.ca

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some good aussie sites


good for water cooling etc make there own blocks at good prices very prompt to help


fast shipping not the best range but very quick


all you water and extreme goodies great stock nearly everthing you need for cooling goodness


grat range at good prices

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