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DXG does matter in the perfomance?

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Reed my post a little more carefully. he's not after 4 moniters' date=' but extra performance (i'm assuming some sought of SLI hack for ATI that aint gonna happen)



the question was


"Well, i'm almost buying a LanParty UT NF4 Ultra-D and i wanna know if the DXG works on ATI cards and if it affect the perfomance using two of them in DXG mode."


where does it say extra performance ? having read it again im not sure what he is asking, but if its will the 2 ATi cards have the same performance in DXG as 2 Nivida cards running in SLi then no is the answer!

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@-CsA-TAZ ur trippin bro. the way it works is if in non- sli mode, the top slot is 16x and the bottom is 2x. when the jumpers are enabled, both are in 8x mode. YOU need to read.


If you mod to sli from the ultra you can actually run sli in 16x/2x instead of 8x/8x without the sli bridge BUT you need to do the hard mod AND u need the same type vid card

:confused: you are!


Its not even a SLi mobo so SLi dont even come into it, its a DXG, and to enable it you move the jumpers


Yes it can be modified to run in SLi but whats this got to do with the question?

and the DXG mobo supports 2X 16 PCI-E slots and will run in 2X 16 not 2X 8!, that only applies to SLi, page 19 in the manual!

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