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pls.. forgive me, need help

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my sisters pc when put in standby mode doesnt turn the cpu fan off.. why?


intel p4 1.7 willamette

thermaltake spark7+ xaser ed

asus p4s533 bios 1010 beta 005 11/11/03

645dx chipset

350w p4 psu

sparkle 5200FX 128mb

80gb maxtor diamondmax plus 9

512mb pc2700 valueram

jetway tv/fm card

asus cdrw 5224

windows xp sp2

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The fan has to stay on to cool the CPU.


When going into Standby mode, the CPU is still active and creates heat.


If the CPU fan were to go completely off, then there is the possibility the CPU would overheat and either 1. cause damage to the CPU or 2. shut the system completely off negating Standby mode.

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