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TOTAL n00b ALERT!!!!

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Hi guys, ive just upgraded to the system in my sig from an 2600+ and am completly bambozeled with all the tweaking can be down with the 64bit and dfi mb's. Im reading through all the threads but alot makes no sense to me lol.

I only have 2 questions that i cant find answers for so ill start there.


1. are there any settings on the mb that need changed to run correctly, not oc'ing it.

2. I have 2x1gb sticks of ram in slots 1 and 2, does it make any difference if they where in 1 and 3.



Thanks for your help.

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1. It should run fine out of the box, but I always load optamized defaults and disable what ever I dont need.

2. It will be what ever your ram prefers. I started with mushkin and it prefered 1/2, my OCZ prefers 1/3.

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Guest Blooz1



Welcome to the "Street"!


Most people using 2 sticks and a 250Gb use slots 1+3.


What bios version are you running? You might want to think about flashing to the latest "official" version (5-4).

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thank you for contacting support.


Please do us a favor to begin helping you. Email us back with as much complete information as you can about your computer. List your hardware, your operating system, which drivers you installed...be as thorough as possible please.


the more information you can provide, the easier it is to help us. A good example of this would be like DFI customers at our support forum (http://www.dfi-street.com) do for us:


DFI LanParty Ultra B NFII

Bios AN81D107 06/19/2004 (date code is more important than the actual bios file name)

AthlonXP 3200+ Stock speed

2x256MB Corsair PC3200C2 Rev1.1

120G Maxtor SATA

200G Western Digital IDE

Sony DVD±R ±RW Burner

Pioneer 16X DVDrom

Promise Ultra 133TX2 IDE Contoller

BBI 9800 Pro 128MB

Audigy II ZS sound card

Windows XP Pro SP 2

Nvidia 5.03 chipset drivers + Catalyst 5.1 ATI Radeon drivers



http://www.angrygames.com/infinity/inf_bios14.jpg (bios date code)

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