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Man I got my cpu overclocked 2.4 gig I'm finnaly understanding from researching the overclocking documentation I'm seeing faster gameplay in demanding games. But also from years of bulding pc's I no that sometimes its always going to be what drivers your using and if there correctly installed. And it seems some games play better on other chipset like Via or intell or its just a particular chipset just hasn't came out with the right chipset drivers to play that particular game yet. I noticed 1 main thing to over clock was that I had to change my dram ratio to like 160 mhz I forgot the multi. but my ram is overclocked to 439 mhz plus i had to change the cpu core volts ,ldt and the dram votage. Man I am going to get some of the good duel channel ram but first i am going to try my corsair ram too. hopefully i can get up to 2.8 gigs but i am going to run stress tests too. I ran prime 95 for an hour plus multi tasked with no errors so I'm hoping for the best.

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