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which memory for nf3 250gb?


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Hi, looking for some new memory for my nforce3 with some decent overclockability.


first off, should i be getting Samsung TCCD or Winbond UTT/BH-5? looking to hit around 240-250mhz FSB with decent timings. price isnt that much of an issue. ive been looking at these modules and i was wondering what would be the best choice


second, 1gb of ram should be more than enough to play CS:Source, HL2, Kotor2 right?


Corsair TwinX1024-3200XLPT DDR400

Corsair TwinX1024-4400C25PT DDR500

OCZ Plat EL 5331024ELDCPE-K DDR533


OCZ Gold Gamer Extreme 4331024ELDCGEGX-K DDR433

OCZ Plat EL Rev.2 4001024ELDCPER2-K DDR400


OCZ Gold 4001024ELDCGE-K DDR400


Thanks ahead of time for any advice i get

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Hmmmm -


First thing you should do is flash your bios to the 5-4. With that PSU, it would be to your advantage to go with one of the 4V modded versions! Find it here, look for "TicTac";



You've posted a lot of choices there! Your second post has a link to the 3200 Gold, which is the "new" BH-5. That's a good solid choice - it's rated for 250. (Might need some volts..)


OCZ just announced today that they are going back to the TCCD on the "Platinum" Series, to replace the TCC5 they've been using. (Although people look for the TCCD, there's no real difference between it and the TCC5 as far as O/Cing-)


You've also got some "VX" in there :OCZ 4001024ELDCGEVX-K DDR400. This will definitely need some volts, and will run better after some "burn-in". NewEgg link;



As far as Corsair, I haven't any clue! Maybe other members can help ya - I've never, nor will I, use it.


So, you've got BH-5, TCCD/5, and Winbond UTT BH/CH (aka "VX"). The TCC -whatever will reach even hgher than your stated goal with less voltage, the BH-5 is a good, solid choice, and the UTT is a crapshoot - it'll work fine, but will take some work on your part! (But then again, that's half the fun!)


I've run all 3 types in my 250Gb, with good results. So, there's my $.02! Your system - you pick! (You also might want to take a cruise through the 754 O/C Database and see what other have used, and their results...)

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