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Need Help! Board probably dead! RMA?

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Hi @all,


first of all, sry for my english, I'm from Germany ;)


I got a big problem with my NFII Ultra Infinity. After a abrupt suicide in windows i can't get my Board to boot again. It runned @ 230*11 MHz before, for some months.

I've checked all my components on a friends Abit NF7-S (Rev 1.2) and all works fine there. I also did a long (18 hours) CMOS-Clear and even got myself a new BIOS-Chip but the Board won't post! Also did the PC2100-RAM Trick and pressed the insert-key during start, but still nothing happens.

What more can i do? Any suggestions?

I think i will have to RMA the board, but how to do that from Germany? :confused:

I need my PC, cause I'm a student in computer-sciences.


Please help.




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If Power LED doesn't light up when you hit the Power Switch but the fans spin up & Hard Drive light does light up then from my experience thats a sign of Bios corruption.


Maybe the new chip you got was dead or wasn't flashed properly? Or maybe theres an issue with the board that corrupted that bios too, unless its some other problem... Anyway, from what you've said i reckon an RMA is in order.

They're pretty quick at replying and you should get your reply in the morning :)

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