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GNU Fragman wins! - Free OCZ 600w PSU Giveaway...

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Ok, I'm feeling pretty crazy, and am gonna give away an OCZ 600w PSU, to the person who can pick the number closest to what I am thinking, without going over. The number is between 1 and 1,000 and can include 1 or 1,000.


Post your guess here in this thread. If there are two or more of the same number guesses, then it will go to the earliest post, so be sure to pick your number carefully.


The contest ends September 30, 2005, midnight, to give all members a fair chance.


At the end of the contest, I will post the winner in this thread and also pm him/her with notification. The winner will let me know via pm where they want the psu shipped.


Good luck!



















Ok, Contest is over! Thanks all for bidding. The winner actually picked the EXACT number! I'll console all losers in the DFI Street Lounge by buying rounds. lol


Now, down to business. As I said in the orginal post, I WAS feeling pretty crazy and the number I was thinking was:































that's right, Crazy Eights!


THE WINNER IS [G.N.U.] FRAGMAN, woot.gif posted at post number 83 You guessed the exact number! Congrats to you. I sent you a PM notifiying you. Please send me a PM where you want this sent to. I'll ship it right off to you today!

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