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How to know when to stop OCing?

Frank Horrigan

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Do you wait for it to crash, then back down the fsb/htt til stable?


I have run prime95 stress test for ~several hours with no problems at 287 Mhz, but if I try to raise it to 288, and "OC on the fly" in the Abit Bios, it just freezes and I have to hit restart. The max it works at is 287.


What could be causing this? How do you go from rock stable to flat out won't boot going from 287 to 288? Is it my 300W PSU? 15A at +12V, 30A at +5V, 28A at +3.3V

I mean if it Booted and then crashed during a stress test I'd be satisfied, but i think im just missing something stupid.

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