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mem divider and bsod?

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well i can't figure it out ive tried every logical thing

I can run my mem over 300 fsb and i try everything to get this cpu stable at 2800 mhz and i cant!.....


Why i find it weird is because on air i could boot at 2900 and run benchies but not stable.

ok 2800 i could play games and everything but not stable (occt)


flash to now I got my danger den setup my temps dropped and still not stable!!!!

ok i can accept it not being stable but if i put ANY divider on my memory i get bsod!!!!!

i flashed back to 623 bios and the same thing i raised my cpu voltage to 1.4 X 126% which is 1.76v but all my software (bios, cpuz, smart gaurdian) reads 1.69v


first of all how do you check the TRUE voltage with a volt meter ?


ive looked here




but it gives vcor (3.1v) not cpu volts


second wtf i CAN'T run a divider???


maybe a windoors reinstall? i'm stumped need a genius

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are there no answers or is my read to long


1. how to check true cpu voltage with volt meter

2. why bsod with any memory divider at any fsb even 200

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