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Connection Problems


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Well, the past week I've been having connection problems, like in a game such as Counter-Strike, out of nowhere I recieved a "Connection Interrupted", I thought it was the server, so I went to a different one.. Same problem, except this time it was unplayable, I'd get it every 10 seconds, and ping would spike to 300.


So I tried Day of Defeat, same thing, Counter-Strike: Source, same thing, and even Call of Duty, kept getting Connection Interrupted. And the past week the connection has been going slow.


I've reset my router and modem countless times, I even reformatted, tried to power-cycle everything, updated the firmware, you name it.




Asus A8V Motherboard

Antec 350 Watt PSU


2x Western Digital 80GB HDD's


Thermaltake Soprano


Netgear RP614v2 Router

Charter ISP



Any comments would be appreciated.

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Thanks for your guys quick responses.


cpuz : I have always had the Windows firewall turned off, and when I looked at my router settings (, there were no Firewall options.


catkicker : I was thinking about doing that, but I have friends that play games with me, and we are all connected through Charter, same connection, and they do not have problems.

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