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Freezing&Restarting on games until CMOS has to be reset

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I've had this problem since I built the PC, probably even more often at the moment.


Basically it freezes during games and requires resetting. It makes a slightly piercing noise just as it crashes through my headphones. This freezing repeats until eventually it requires a CMOS reset to restart.


I had posted my first problem with recognising the CMOS needed resetting in these forums here:


last time I had to reset CMOS at least it got to pick up the CPU before I reset it.


I have tried some things like letting system manage page file size, disabling shadowing etc. and when I fiddled a lot it pushed the PC to BSOD instead with messages like

PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA with a stop messag and pointing at files like ks.sys,nv4_disp.sys.

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL with a stop message and pointing at files like usbport.sys.

These BSOD's were diff each time. I tried restoring settings and it's back to freezing/resetting itself. I have searched each problem for months now on the net.


I have tried everything I can find/think of under the sun. All driver updates, reinstalled games, reinstalled components, RMAed graphics card to no avail, threatened it with hammer.


I'm really stuck so am asking for any help. There r no old items in the PC, am on WoW atm but it will crash soon..... .. . . . .

Oh yeah all is stock, hav tried OC and was stable but last CMOS reset i left all at stock just in case but no diff. Temps r low, P95 24 hr stable and memtest,3DMark scores fine.



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Sounds like Ram timing issues. When my ram timing is set to thight I get similar results as you (BSOD and what not).


I strongly suggest, you go back to 2 x 512 and test the system like that for a while. If that solves the problem, take them out and try the other 2 sets.


I assume you have tested your ram using memtest for 8 hours +.


If all is well in memetest, then go in windows..remeber passing memtest does not mean that does timing will work in windows, and mostlikely will require more fine tuning of the timing.

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Okay! Thankyou very much for the feedback BBOne. You are correct, have ran memtest86 several times for 12+hrs with no errors on any particular test (test 5 test 7 etc.). I've taken what u said and here are my timings. From top to bottom in the genie page:

Tcl 2

Trcd 2

Tras 5

Trp 2

Trc 8

Trfc 15

Trrd 2

Twr 2

Twtr 2

Trwt 3

Tref Auto

Twcl Auto

Bank Interleave: Enabled

DQS Skew Control: Auto

DQS Skew Value 0

DRAM Drive Strength: Auto

Max Async Lat: Auto

DRAM Response time: Fast

Read Preamble Time: Auto

Idle Cycle Limit: 256 Cycles

Dynamic Counter: Disable

R/W Queue Bypass: 16X

Bypass Max 07X

32 Byte Granularity: Auto



FSB 200 MHz and most multipliers like FSB/LDT r on auto


The only thing is it was prime95 stable for 24hrs+ on both cores at stock using 1.86GB of the RAM.

DRAM voltage at 2.8V atm.


Can anyone spot anything wrong or suggest more stable timings. I'll remove sticks if i have to. I was running out of ideas and was even gonna reinstall windows losing quite a lot of stuff. Man I'd sell my soul to fix this. THANKS again.

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