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Installation of the graphics card.

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I am trying to set up my graphics card into my case and hit a snag about which power cables to use, and instead of going with what I believe to be the correct method, I just want to check.


What I have is an XFX 7800 GT and a Enermax EG495AX-VE-W-SFMA. The XFX has on the board a six pin power connector, and included with the package is a cable with a six pin connector, which splits into two SATA power cables (which only contain 6/8 pins in the connectors at the end). My power supply however comes with a six pin connector which it says to plug into the graphics card if required, while the manual for the graphics card says use the splitter (in less words than it would be useful to have).


Am I correct in that the SATA splitter is for power supplies that do not have a six pin connector, however seeing that I do, I should use the power cable from the power supply, and not use the cable that came with the graphics card.


Much Apreciated.

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