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Proper way to install SLI bridge?

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well I got horribly low scores in 3dmark and my games seem to run slow


i got a 8800 on 3dmark 05


I have SLI 7800gtx cards


i installed the SLI bridge thing on the cards with the "Lanparty" text facing right side towards the front of the case, is that the proper way?


it can go both ways so i am not sure

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What are your rails looking like on your MB during full load?


Even with that power supply it *could* be under a lot of strain as thats a fairly hefty pc you have running.


Also each lead to your card has nothing else on it correct?



what should my rails be looking like? I can adjust the rails on the power supply so maybe i can fix it doing that


I have one card connected directly to pci - e power out from the powersupply then one to the 2 regular to pcie adapter with nothing else connected to it


I dont know what else it could be tends to be doing ok but performance seems under par for my system

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