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My chipset heatsink mod

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Hi all


ive been planning to replace the heatsink/fan combination of my NF4 Ultra-D for awhile now


and finally i did it!!


first i bought an old swiftech heatsink




after this i did ALOT of fitting and measuring


then i drilled the 2 holes


as u can see above, the drill just pushed the pins in the neighbourhood away, i didnt even have to remove those pins


after that i drilled a bit from the bottom away so that some obstructions on the mobo are avoided


as u can see its all a bit amaturistic, but i dont give a fu** about the looks, as long as its silent and cool! :D

i also used a drill only for it, which is actually a wrong tool :P but i couldnt find any better (and it actually worked :))


the next few hours i spend lapping the heatsink... i started with 120, followed by 180, 240, 400, 600 and finally 1200 (i couldnt find any steps in between)


then i went fitting again, and i noticed two more obstructions had to be avoided



this is how it looks like after the lapping and after making place for those 2 extra obstructions (did those 2 with a metal saw, and with a big bolt :D)



Edit By THunDA

Watch the language please !!

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now the heatsink fitted the mobo!!

so i started fitting the videocard... offcourse i had to remove some pins for that... this is the result




then i finally installed the heatsink very carefully with some as5


and after that also the videocard



after this i was very glad everything still worked :)



and also the results are very nice!!


without any casefans on the temp became 50°C, which is about the same temp as before with that small fan!!

with the casefans on it only becomes around 40°C!!


this is passive!! quite a nice result if u ask me...




2 new pics:

1 of the cablemess inside my case that i tried to reduce as much as possible ;)


and 1 of the pc with case closed and lookin good :D



having problems with random bluescreens in meanwhile

dont really have a clue why... (dont think its my OC though)


i just know it kinda .in sux really hard

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not bad...i still prefer the copper solution of my own....and have a spare global win sock 370 lying around in here :) ...so can make it perfekt this time....need some tools from my wrk so might make an early show up for wrk.

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Guest Blooz1

Nice Work!


A passive heatsink is the way to go when the board is in a case with good airflow such as yer Stacker. I've had great results with a passive Zalman on my 250Gb, as it sits right in the intake airflow from a Panaflo 120MM!

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holy crap that thing is huge...with the first pictures i thought you have a a Swiftech chipset HS, not an actually cpu sink.... definately awesome.

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Hey, do you happen to know how tall that swiftech heatsink is? I bought some used socket 370 heatsinks and they're only about an inch tall. I dont think they have enough surface area to dissipate the heat that well...

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