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Endless Blue Screens of Death

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I have an AMD 64 3000+, GeForce 6600 GT, 512 Ram, a 450 w psu (w/ 24pin), and a Lan Party UT nF4-D DFI motherboard.


I receive seemingly random blue screens which frequently have different STOP messages displaying different drivers or referring to different things. I've tried so many things, (ie format, reinstall drivers) but I can't even isolate the problem let alone fix it. The whole system seems unstable under certain circumstances for some reason.


Some of the STOP messages:


0xC1 Special Pool Detected Memory Corruption

0x8E ....(lists drivers eg wdmaud.sys kmixer.sys)

0xD1 Driver IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL (lists ks.sys)

0x19 Bad Pool Header

0xBE ....(lists driver tcpip.sys)




I've tried using microsoft.com, but their answers are either too technical or too basic, if anyone has any suggestions or further details, please post.

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500 ALLIED PSU (w/24 pin)
This one: http://www.apextechusa.com/proddetail_power.asp?id=21 :confused:

Only [email protected]: http://www.apextechusa.com/datasheet/ATX500W.pdf

These are made by Deer, the WORST PSU maker around!

When it fails, it is likely to take your mobo/video with it! :sad:


You need a much better PSU, with a min of [email protected] :nod:


Pick a "proven winner" from the "A" list: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854


Good Luck,


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I would have to suggest 2 things.One is u have bad ram.And the other one is a power issue.Now in what order you attempt to make checks or replace these items is your call but I would surely try the PSU first as it appears you have an under powered PSU with only a 20a 12v rail .

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I found the model of my power supply, and yes the obvious reason I bought it was because it was cheap, but is it that for sure? If i buy something to fix the problem, i want it to be the only thing i have to buy, so I want to nail it for sure.


APEX / ALLIED AL-B500E ATX 500W Power Supply:






Here is some extra info, taken from ITE Smart Guardian tm etc:


CPU - 1.36

ATX +12V - 11.58V

LDT Bus - 1.16

NB +1.5V - 1.47V

ATX +5.0V - 4.99

ATX +3.3V - 3.24V

DRAM - 2.59

VBAT +3.0V - 3.05V


some of the numbers don't match up too well, tell me if that means anything to someone cuz I can't tell if they're ok or not.

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dont replace you ram, ITS NOT THE RAM, i am having the same problem as you and i just replaced the ram and i still have this problem. I also have an antec 550 watt psu . If anyone could help me out too that would help. I have a thread posted right below this one.

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