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Problem OC San Diego 3700+! Need help!!


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i have a Problem with my new G.Skill Ram Kit 1024MB PC4800 DDR CL2,5-4-4-8 (PC600) (F1-3200DSU2-1GBLA)


He is pretested at 300Mhz @2,5-4-4-8 with 2,85Vdimm.


I start in Windows with Clockgen and set it to 9x240 and become a Bluescreen! :(


Same prob was with my Twinmos Speed Premium... :(


Can anybody Help me out??





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do your tweaking in the BIOS menu not in windows you will need to lower LDT to x4, have you checked out Thundas Overclocking Guide, there is no better guide on the net,

some things to try:

-put RAM on a Divider and raise FSB to find Max CPU

-put CPU on lower Multiplier and raise FSB to find MAX RAM

-if you get to 300 with RAM, LDT will need to be lowered again to x3

-try orange slots only

-try yellow slots only

hope this helps


infact search the OC database for peeps with same RAM as you

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