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PC Power & Cooling Releases 1000W Power Supply


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PC Power & Cooling has announced the release of the first 1000W (1kW) PC power supply. Developed for "next-generation graphics and high performance servers," the Turbo-Cool 1KW ships worldwide this month.




spacer.gif0,1425,i=113254,00.jpg Based on PC Power & Cooling's Turbo-Cool 850 SSI power supply technology, the Turbo-Cool 1KW delivers 1000 watts of continuous power and up to 1100 watts of peak power. To handle this staggering output, components on the 850 have been upgraded for greater thermal efficiency and to withstand the additional current.


The +12VDC rails provide an impressive 66 amps of total output (70 amps peak), and the system boasts 85% efficiency with .99 Power Factor Correction (PFC).




The Turbo-Cool 1KW fits most standard ATX cases and features EPS12V, SLI, and SSI compatibility. It retails for $489 and includes a 5-year warranty.


PC Power & Cooling is credited with a number of "firsts" in the PC cooling market, including the first CPU cooler, the first independently regulated PC power supply, the first redundant power system, and the first Nvidia-certified SLI supply. While a 1kW power supply may seem like overkill to some of us at the moment, power demands continue to increase with the adoption of ever insatiable power-intensive technology: multicore CPUs, parallel-processing graphics cards, redundant storage configurations, and the elaborate cooling solutions to keep it all from Chernobylizing beneath your desk.



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not even close to being necessary


i doubt you could fully load a PCP&C 510w monster even with X2 4800, 6800/7800 SLI, 4 hdd's in RAID-0, 4 cd/dvd burners, etc etc


i think psu's get less efficient the less work they have to do don't they david?

Yes, the best efficiency is usually at & above 70% load.


And all ATX12V 2.xx PSU's over about 550W's have cross-loading issues.

That is they need more load, usually +5V load, than 99% of PC's can provide.

Without enough load, these "super-powered" PSU's become unstable & will not function correctly.


Unlike Tim's Tool Time, too much power is not good! :shake:

That is a major reason why the PC P&C 850SSI & Zeus 650W EPS are not on the "A" list.



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