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Unrelenting BSODs

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560w Thermaltake PSU +12v = 22a
I'm posting this one last time.


nVidia says you need a min of [email protected] for your 6800GT Y system.

TT PSU's are known to droop their rails under load.


An "over stressed" PSU especially from a second rate company can cause all mannor of problems.


Test like this @idke & @load: http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/show...ad.php?t=137886


Good Luck,

Dave :cool:

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ok that's good and all, and I understand that, but when it comes to changing the cas latency from 2 to 2.5 or 3 at STOCK settings and not putting it through a stress test then that wouldn't qualify as 'under load' would it?


I have a multimeter and I know exactly how I need to test it, I simply haven't gotten around to testing it out yet to see what infact it is drooping down to, but like I said that doesn't explain the inability to change cas latency at stock settings one iota.


I've got a friend running a 3200+ venice, 1.5gb of RAM, and the 6800GT AGP that I just sold to him running on a 17a system...hell he's even got the thing overclocked to Ultra specs and the PSU is some unknown brand...and although I've lost the sticker now, the sticker that came on the 24pin power slot of the DFI nf4 board said to the effect of a 3500+ and 2 6800GT's in SLI required 20-22a and considering I'm running only 1 I figured it'd be ample...but I already came to the conclusion I won't truly know until I test it with the multimeter myself....


I really can't afford to swap PSU's at this point anyway as the decent enermax one, and basically any other PSU that has nice strong +12v rails are approx $100....but at the very least my RAM should be able to change cas latency and if Rgones had the same problem before in the past than that shouldn't concern the PSU at all



EDIT: Aright I quickly tested it right now using my multimeter. It runs at 12.08 when not under load, and when under load (running prime95 large in place FFTs) it droops down to a whole 12.01...............sooooooo now what?

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Little update here:


It was definitely the RAM being the issue of all this.


I tried each stick seperately in the top slot...upon simply changing the cas latency from 2 to 2.5 all hell broke loose...on one stick...it wouldn't load windows, instead it'd give me a message to the effect of "Windows could not load due to a software error. Could not load DLLs for HAL" ok...that's a new error for me....upon changing it back to Cas latency 2 it boots normally.....when I try the other stick, upon changing it to cas latency 2.5 it simply restarts before it gets to the windows loading screen.


Beforehand I couldn't get 2.3GHz stable no matter what combinations of voltages I tried..I put the RAM back to how the board defaults it too, and low and behold I got 2.3GHz stable, 2.4GHz stable, and now have been running prime95 at 2.5GHz for approx 4+ hours now, opening photoshop, checking mail, running sony vegas, etc..etc... so it seems to be trucking along fine...I've got a memory divider at 150 right now so its resulting in like...178MHz speed, which is fine by me, because I've already been in contact with the dude from PDPSys and he will be issueing me an RMA tomorrow, so right now I'm simply testing the CPU.


So through tons of meticulous testing, suggestions from Rgone and the fact that he happened to have a similar experience which I still can't believe, I've managed to finally get the CPU running nice and stable, PSU rails don't drop, and I've found the cause of my problems....so everythings going much smoother now, so lets just hope that the sticks they send back to me will be kind to me and overclock like good samsung tccd brainpower pcb modules they should.


I wish I hadn't flashed to the 623-3 from the 'magical' 704-2bta now....I did that back before I realized the RAM was to blame, but oh well...everythings running smooth right now, so I guess if it aint broke dont fix it.


Thanks again RGone for your insight, I believe from here, assuming I get good modules back, it should be relatively smooth sailing

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