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random reboots - nVidia ethernet related?

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Occasionally I get blue screens with something that says "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". This screen flashes for 2 seconds, hardly long enough for me to write anything down, then the system reboots.


As far as I can tell, this is an ethernet problem, as it usually happens when I'm hooked up through a router. It does happen when I'm not on a router -- but It'll just happen once and that'll be the end of it.


Further expanding on my ethernet hypothesis, I've gotten the blue screen before when I've started BitLord, and Firefox. I've tried using the Marvell Gigabit lan, it still happens, just less frequently I think.


I'm using the 3-10 Bios I believe -- does anyone have insight into this?

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28. Install MB drivers from DFI supplied CD (Note: some drivers cause problems for some users; do not install Nvidia IDE drivers or Nvidia Firewall / Nforce Network Access Manager programs; do not install Ntune from the DFI disc).

29. Install video drivers from DFI supplied CD and/or CD supplied with video card.



Thats what I used and I have had Zero problems with two machines to watch over.


If you notice my sig, your system is similar to the same sys my Boss runs.

winchester 3200 and 3/10 bios. (As far as i know you should not have to go to 6/23 and can stay on 3/10 as it fully supports the CPU) However, if the above does not solve your problem, then consider it an option.


I made a Search Tips thread ( in my sig) and it may also help you find answers.


Side note, the winchester memory controller is the ugly duckling of the AMD CPU. If you plan to, (I read that )it will not overclock nearly as much of a percent as other Cpus.

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